Meetings 2015

Serbian Minister of Justice Nikola Selaković meets with the Ambassador of Lebanon to Serbia Toufic Jaber

Monday, 23 November 2015

The Minister of Justice Nikola Selaković met with the Ambassador of Lebanon in Serbia Toufic Jaber with whom he discussed promotion of judicial cooperation between Lebanon and Serbia.

The Ambassador and Minister pointed out that Lebanon and Serbia are traditionally friendly countries which can develop and strengthen their cooperation in many fields, from agriculture, culture, over sports and justice, to the common fight against terrorism.

Minister Selaković said that the Serbian people sympathize with the Lebanese people due to the huge losses they have suffered in terrorist attacks that happened in their country and underlined that Serbia offers full support in the fight against terrorism.

He thanked the Ambassador for the stance of his country in regard with the membership of Kosovo* in UNESCO and their negative vote at the General Conference that was held on 9 November.

The Ambassador pointed out that the stance of Lebanon in regard with the status of Kosovo* will not change and thanked the Minister for the support of Serbia to his people, adding that true friends are recognized in tough times.


Serbian Minister of Interior Nebojša Stefanović and Ambassador of Lebanon to Serbia Toufic Jaber announce cooperation of police departments

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The inflow of illegal immigrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in Serbia has increased compared to the previous period, Serbian Minister of the Interior Nebojša Stefanović has said in talks with Lebanese Ambassador to Serbia Toufic Jaber.

Stefanović underlined that Serbia is doing all in its power to provide them with accommodation and health care, the Ministry of the Interior released in a statement on Wednesday.

Bearing in mind that Lebanon is facing a problem with a great number of refugees from Syria, Jaber underlined that the exchange of experience and information in this respect is of critical importance.

Stefanović and Jaber also discussed fostering police cooperation with regard to illegal migrations, human trafficking and terrorism and agreed to sign an agreement on police cooperation in the forthcoming period, reads the Ministry’s statement.